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  • Family Law
When a family is dealing with the process of a family conflict such as divorce, a lack of legal orders such as child support, custody, or visitation life can become extremely disrupted. We at the Law Offices of James Scott Walker focus on taking these difficult circumstances and walking you through the process. We make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities and help you to legally create the best circumstance for you family.
 Our family law services address:
  1. Contested and uncontested divorce
  2. Spousal maintenance/alimony
  3. Property division
  4. Child custody and support
  5. Modifications of orders
  6. Relocations
  7. Paternity
  8. Domestic violence
  • Personal Injury Law
Have you been involved in a car accident or a motorcycle accident? If you have, you know that this can be a scary, confusing, and difficult experience. We at the Law Offices of James Scott Walker are here to provide you with the legal help assistance that you deserve following an automobile accident. We know how important it is to have the time and attention of an experienced trial attorney when the process becomes overwhelming for somone without the legal knowledge and training that these case require. We take each of our cases very seriously and work hard on your behalf.
  • Criminal Defense
Mr. Walker is a former prosecuting attorney and has worked both prosecuting and defending clients since 1985. Mr. Waker emphasizes defending clients who are charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses such as DUI, assault, and along with the commony associated civil traffic offenses that arise with criminal conduct.
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